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Riccia fluitans, 3" cup

Riccia fluitans, 3" cup

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Riccia fluitans

Cup  size: 3 inch cup; 3” diameter x ~2” tall

Riccia is grown floating or attached to hardscape.  Initially popularized by Takashi Amano, Riccia is a very versatile aquascaping plant and can be used to create a softening or cloud effect when intermingled with other plants.  Riccia can be easily trimmed and grown from any sized trimming or piece.  This plant can grow very fast and is easier to grow with CO2 injection.  Mixing Riccia in with other plants around the base of hardscape objects or mixing it into midground or foreground bushy or stemmy plants creates an excellent softening effect.

Riccia fluitans - Information:
- Common names: Crystalwort, Floating crystalwort
- Origin: Cultivated, Cosmopolitan
- Growth rate: Moderate to Fast
- Planting area: Attach to hardscape, Foreground, Midground, Floating
- Height: 1” - 3”
- Growth pattern: Moss
- Propagation: Division, Cuttings, Fracturing

Riccia fluitans - Optimal planting conditions:
- Lighting: Medium
- CO2 injection: Recommended
- Fertilizing: Semi-intensive to Intensive
- Temperature: 68°F - 79°F
- PH range: 6 - 8
- Water hardness: Very soft to Moderately hard
- Planting methods: Dry start or Submerged, Tied to hardscape, Floating

Live tissue culture aquarium plants. Grown in nutrient gel from cuttings, tissue culture plants are algae and pest free.  These plants are grown in a sterile environment at optimal conditions and are ready to plant without risking the introduction of algae and pests into the aquascape.  Each cup can be split and divided before planting and contain many more plants than other alternatives.

Our guarantee:
Cups should look healthy, green, and vibrant upon opening the package.  If they don’t look healthy please let us know and we’ll promptly send a refund or replacement no questions asked. 

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