Glosso Factory Phosphate Fertilizer, 16oz For Planted Aquariums

Phosphate Fertilizer, 16oz

$ 14.90

Phosphate Fertilizer Solution, 16oz pump bottle

1 pump per 10 gallons raises PO4 by 0.76ppm

Keeping 0.5-1 ppm PO4  is optimal for high-tech planted tanks with CO2 injection.

P, Phosphate Fertilizer is a key part of the NPKM fertilizer set for maximum control over fertilization.  P, Phosphate should be used together with N, Nitrate and K, Potassium, as well as Micronutrient fertilizer.  The NPKM fertilizer set can be used for easy E.I. (estimative index) style dosing.

- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons twice weekly.
- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons every other day for densely planted tanks with CO2 injection
- If algae growth occurs reduce dosage

Excess Phosphate Macronutrients can contribute to algae growth and the dosage should be reduced if algae growth increases. 

Keep Phosphate as a limiting factor for plant growth if algae occurs.

Full Analysis breakdown: [(K–1.02%) (P–0.40%) (PO4–1.23%)]
K, Potassium - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +0.63ppm
P, Phosphorus - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +0.25ppm
PO4,Phosphate- ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +0.76ppm

This fertilizer is shrimp safe when used as directed. 
Includes 2cc output pump for easy dosing.
Made in USA