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All in One Fertilizer, 16oz

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All In One Planted Aquarium Fertilizer, 16oz pump bottle

Analysis:  (K-9.04%) (N-2.72%) (Mg-1.68%)  (P-0.70%) (Fe-0.64%) (Mn-0.084%) (Zn-0.054%)  (B-0.017%) (Mo-0.0017%) (Cu-0.0007%)  (Co-0.0001%) (Ni-0.0001%)

Analysis breakdown:
K, Potassium - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +5.19ppm
NO3, Nitrate - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +5.18ppm
PO4, Phosphate - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +1.04ppm
Mg, Magnesium - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +0.52ppm
Fe, Iron - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +0.40ppm

In a planted aquarium, algae typically occurs not only from an excess of nutrients but also from an imbalance. Plants and Algae will fight a constant war over nutrients in the tank. Typically plants can store nutrients more efficiently than lower order algae can, so as long as the right balance of nutrients is supplied plants generally will win the battle for nutrients. This fertilizer is formulated to supply plants with the proper balance of macro and micronutrients by aiming to keep specific nutrients as the limiting factor for plant growth.

- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons twice weekly.
- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons every other day for densely planted tanks with CO2 injection
- If algae growth occurs reduce dosage

Use with a potassium supplement like Dechlor + K to maintain an excess of dissolved potassium to prevent algae growth.

If algae growth occurs, increase water changes and or reduce dosage and use additional potassium, K, supplement.

This fertilizer contains copper and is not shrimp safe. 
Includes 2cc output pump for easy dosing. 

Shake well before use.
Made in USA