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W, Dry Start & Wabi Kusa Spray

$ 9.80

W, Dry Start Spray Instructions

The dry start method is commonly used to establish carpeting plants in an aquascape. In this method plants are spread out on the substrate and left to grow for 2-3 weeks before the tank is filled with water. During this time of ‘emersed’ growth plants will drop roots and grip the substrate. The tank should be covered to maintain high humidity levels and often aquarists will spray carpeting plants to ensure they remain moist.

- Spray directly onto leaves daily for trans-foliar feeding
- Spray once or several times until leaves are moistened and lightly dripping

- (N, P, K, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, Mo, B, Co,)
- Branching and rooting hormones
- Natural anti-fungal acids

- Contains traces of branching and rooting hormones, safe for fish and shrimp     

W, Dry Start Spray is designed not to burn or over-fertilize plants during the DSM method, in ripariums, palladariums, or with general emersed growth like wabi-kusa style planting.

W, Dry Start Spray also contains a specially formulated ratio of branching and rooting hormones that promote carpeting plants to spread efficiently and generate new healthy growth in all emersed plants.