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Drop Checker Kit, Standard 4.2 dKH

$ 12.90 $ 14.80

The Standard and Dual CO2 Drop Checker Kits are used to measure CO2 levels in planted aquariums and fish tanks with live plants. The kits work by changing color as CO2 levels rise and fall.

Too much dissolved CO2 can be harmful for fish and livestock. With this kit aquarists can accurately measure optimal CO2 levels that promote plant growth while helping to keep fish safe.

The standard Kit comes with one glass drop checker, and pre-mixed CO2 indicator solution, 4.2dKH type, which is useful for all planted aquariums with CO2 injection.

Single kit with 4.2 dKH solution:
     - Glass Drop Checker
     - Suction Cup
     - Pre-Mixed indicator solution with bromothymol blue 1oz.
     - Darkening solution capsule with concentrated bromothymol blue
     - Flexible Pipette


Green color indicates between 25-30 ppm for 4.2 dKH solution

Blue color indicates lower levels of CO2; CO2 injection can be increased gradually until the indicator solution turns green.

Yellow indicates high levels of CO2 that can be harmful to livestock, if the solution is yellow lower the CO2 injection and check the solution every few hours until the color is green.

4.2 dKH measures normal and low range CO2 levels.