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Dry Format Bacteria 70.8g Treats 4,815

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Dry Format Bacteria 2.5oz, 70.8g Treats 4,815 gallons Fresh Water

  • 90-95 Strains of Beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria, 8.5 billion CFU/g
  • 2.5oz, 70.8 grams treats 4,815 gallons
  • Easy measuring scoop included; 1 scoop, .15cc contains 1.25 billion CFU/g nitrifying bacteria
  • Contains Both Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter Strains to Synergistically Convert Ammonia to Nitrite and Nitrite to Nitrate
  • Helps to cycle new aquariums and maintain beneficial bacteria cycles in existing tanks.

Nitrosomonas strains Convert Ammonia into Nitrite. Nitrobacter stains convert Nitrite into Nitrates, a compound less harmful to fish and greatly beneficial to live plants. The mixture of these strains together, as well as the incorporation of a broad range of strains, 90-95 present, makes establishing a proper bacteria cycle easier, more efficient, and less prone to errors caused by disparate water parameters across differing conditions in fresh water aquariums. 

The 90-95 strains of dry bacteria in this product are dormant until in contact with water. They are coated with amino acids and pro-biotics to feed the cultures after initial wetting. After consuming these coatings many or all strains, depending on your aquarium water parameters, will consume ammonia and nitrite present in the water column and begin to multiply.

Dry Format Bacteria Instructions
Glosso Factory Bio, Bacteria Supplement is now available in a concentrated dry powder format. DB, Dry Format bacteria, contains the same strains of nitrifying bacteria found in Bio, providing similar effects.

- 1 scoop, 0.15cc contains 1.25 billion CFU nitrifying bacteria
- Add powder directly into aquarium water or mix in container first. 
- Fish and shrimp will benefit from consuming any un-dissolved powder directly so pre-dissolving is optional
- Store with jar sealed in a cool dry place.

Dose 1 scoop per 10 gallons twice weekly for new tanks 1-4 months old.
Dose 1 scoop per 10 gallons weekly for mature tanks.
Water changes:
Dose 1 scoop per 10 gallons of new water before water change.
Tank Set up:
Spread 2-3 scoops per 1 sq. ft. DB evenly around tank base before adding planted tank substrate.