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Branching Formula, 4oz

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After trimming use Hb Branching Formula to stimulate new branching and bushy growth. With developmental and growth regulating hormones aquarium plants can be triggered to grow more lateral shoots with bushier branching and more densely spaced nodes

- Use Hb to stimulate branching of stem plants like Rotala, Pogostemon, and Ludwigia etc.
-  When used after trimming the quantity of off-shoots around the trimmed area will increase.
-  Use with carpeting plants as well to trigger lateral growth after trimming.
-  Use with moss and non-stem type plants for denser, indeterminate growth.


- Dose 2 pumps per 10 gallons daily for 3 days after trimming plants


Analysis: (Diprogulic acid, Dikegulac, - 0.45%), (Abscisic acid – 0.30%), (Gibberellic acid – 0.08%), (Inactive ingredients – 99.17%)