Transplanting – Hydrofloria


Pothos house plant:

Cut trimming;

For this example we are using the common pothos house plant.  This is a great selection for use with the Hydrofloria, it does well immersed in water long term and it’s extremely common and easy to grow.  All you will need is a common house plant and a pair of scissors.

Use the youngest leaves possible, find a section with 2-3 new leaves and cut below the node (section where branch splits).   Cut about 2cm below the lowest node.
Using younger leaves and cutting below the node gives the trimming a good place for new branches to start growing from right away.

Press trimming into basket;

Press cuttings into Hydrofloria Plant Grower Baskets.  It’s OK if the plant doesn't stand upright at first, within a few days it will turn itself upwards.

If necessary carefully poke through the hole in the center of the plant basket with a pen or scissor tip to make room for wider cuttings.

Press the cutting into the basket so that the lowest node is about level with the top of the basket.

Adjust the cutting so it stays firmly in the basket, again it's OK if the trimming doesn't stand perfectly upright at first it will turn itself up within a few days.  The goal is to just make sure it doesn't fall over once placed in the Hydrofloria.  The plants will generate new roots within a few days.

Place planted baskets into Hydrofloria, note leaves and branches turning upwards within a few days, this is an indication the plant will do well.  

After a few weeks more leaves and an extensive root system will begin to grow.