Livestock Compatability Guide – Hydrofloria

Livestock Compatability Guide

This chart shows which species are compatible to live together in the 2.1 gallon Hydrofloria tank, for example, 2 betta fish cannot live together (red symbol), but 1 betta fish can live with snails (green) and bamboo shrimp and corydoras (yellow) are recommended to be mixed for intermediate and advanced users.  Beginners should be cautious about mixing species with the yellow symbol and avoid mixing species with the red symbol.

Depending on experience level the species recommended vary.

Beginners: Betta fish, Apple Snail

Intermediate: African dwarf frogs, White Cloud minnow, Ghost shrimp, Bamboo shrimp, Nerite snails, Mystery snails, Ramshorn snails, Trumpet snails

Advanced: Clownkillifish, Lyretail killifish, Pygmy Corydoras, Dwarf corydoras, Guppy, Neocaridina shrimp, Microrasbora, Dwarf gourami, Galaxy Rasbora sp. (Celestial Pearl Danio)