Plant Grower Guide – Hydrofloria

Plant Grower Guide


Choose placement carefully before filling the tank with water, placing the Hydrofloria near a window or in a well-lighted area will increase plant growth.


Using Supplemental fertilizer

After the plants have begun to grow, usually within 1 week after sprouting it becomes necessary to provide plants with nutrients that are not produced in ample quantities by the fish waste and Bacteria Cycle alone. At this point use the Plant Fertilizer solution, Included with Hydrofloria and Full Refill Pack


Self-fertilizing system

Proper beneficial bacteria are important for plant growth. The Beneficial Bacteria establish a stable ecosystem essential for fish and plant health. The bacteria are the key workers in the nutrient “cycle”.

The bacteria feed on the waste produced by fish and in turn excrete nutrients that plants use for food; this is known as the Bacteria Cycle. The bacteria will colonize on surfaces in the tank. Dose beneficial bacteria solution, also included with Hydrofloria and Full Refill Pack.



Hydrofloria Plant Grower Baskets are designed for efficient germination in addition to long term growth .  The all natural design wicks moisture and maintains suitable moisture for germinating seeds.

Seeds can be placed directly on top of the plant grower basket and do not need to be covered.  The top layer consists of a natural, PH balanced, tree bark composite that will stay moist. 3 Plant Grower Baskets are included with Hydrofloria, the Basic Refill PackFull Refill Pack, and Expansion Pack.