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Micronutrient Fertilizer, 16oz

$ 14.50

Micronutrients, sometimes called ‘trace elements’ are vital for plant growth. Micronutrient fertilizer should be used in conjunction with N, P, and K macro element fertilizers. 

- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons twice weekly. 
- Increase dosage for densely planted and high-tech tanks with CO2 injection. 
- If algae occurs reduce dosage frequency. 

Water changes: 
- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons of new water before water change for typical tanks. 

Analysis:(SO4-6.21%) (Mg-4.73%) (K-2.55%) (Fe-0.51%) (Mn-0.072%) (Zn-0.0215%) (Mo-0.002%) (B-0.0018%) (Co-0.00018%) (Ni-0.0001%)

SO4, Sulfate - Δppm/1pump/10gal = +3.28ppm

Mg, Magnesium - Δppm/1pump/10gal = +2.50ppm

K, Potassium - Δppm/1pump/10gal = +1.35ppm

Fe, Iron - Δppm/1pump/10gal = +0.26ppm

1 pump, 2cc, contains:

(10mg Fe) (95mg Mg) (50mg K) (124mg SO4)

1 pump per 10 gal raises Mg by 2.50 ppm
1 pump per 10 gal raises Fe by 0.26 ppm

Keep Micro-nutrients as a limiting factor for plant growth if algae occurs.

Typically, higher order plants can store Micronutrients for longer than lower order algae can. For this reason limiting the frequency of Micronutrient dosing can prevent algae growth.