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W, Dry Start Spray

$ 15.40

DSM & Wabi Kusa Spray Kit, 16oz spray bottle with 5x refill capsules

W Dry Start Spray contains humic acid to prevent certain mold and fungal growth and is designed to provide plants with a balanced nutrient content  for trans-foliar feeding during the emersed growth stage of aquatic plants.

Glosso Factory W Dry Start Spray is designed not to burn or over-fertilize aquarium plants during the Dry Start Method (DSM). Humic acid can prevent mold and fungal growth.

The Dry Start Method is used to establish carpeting aquarium plants in an aquascape.  In this method, plants are spread out on the substrate and left to grow for weeks before the tank is filled with water.  During this time of ‘emersed’ growth plants will drop roots and grip the substrate. The tank should be covered to maintain high humidity levels and plants should be sprayed periodically.

Analysis (1 capsule dissolved in 16oz bottle): 
(N-0.17) (P-0.067) (K-0.49) (Mg-0.029) (Fe-0.0093) (Mn-0.0065) (Zn-0.0019) (Humic acid-0.00025) (Mo-0.00017) (B-0.00012)

Recommended Uses:
emersed aquatic plant growth in ripariums, palladariums, DSM, and Wabi Kusa.

General Dosages:
- Spray onto leaves for trans-foliar feeding
- Spray several times until leaves are dripping
- For DSM repeat dosage daily or every few days
- For emersed plants and wabi kusa repeat dosage weekly

Refill instructions:
- Add contents of one capsule into empty bottle
- Fill bottle with RO purified or distilled water
- Attach spray nozzle and shake well

Made in USA