Glosso Factory Substrate Bacteria Caps For Planted Aquariums

Substrate Bacteria Caps, 50pcs

$ 22.40

Substrate Bacteria Capsules (50 pcs)

95 bacteria strains designed to efficiently break down waste, reduce nitrate and ammonia spikes, and establish aerobic activity in planted aquarium substrates.

8.5 billion CFU/g Beneficial Bacteria Nitrosomonas & Nitrobacter Strains

Press capsules into substrate  spaced 3-6 inches apart.  Replenish capsules after 3-6 months. Use to keep substrate aerobic and optimal for plant growth.

95 strains of autotrophic nitrifying bacteria (bacteria are dormant until in contact with water), Sodium & Calcium Bentonite clays, Glucose, Carbon, Calcium Sulfate, Methyl Cellulose

Made in USA