Glosso Factory Micros Micronutrient Fertilizer For Planted Aquariums

Micronutrient Fertilizer, 16oz

$ 16.90

Micronutrient Fertilizer Solution, 16oz pump bottle

Analysis:  (Mg-3.08%) (Fe-0.21%) (S-4.17%) (Mn-0.18%) (Zn-0.014%) (Mo-0.002%) (B-0.0018%) (Co-0.00013%) (Ni-0.00008%)

1 pump, 2cc, contains: (43mg DTPA Fe )(288mg MgSO4)(7.5mgMnSO4)
1 pump per 10 gal raises Fe by 0.125 ppm
1 pump per 10 gal raises Mg by 0.750 ppm
1 pump per 10 gal raises Mn by 0.064 ppm

Keeping 0.5ppm-1.0ppm dissolved Fe or 3.0ppm-6.0ppm dissolved Mg as an index baseline is optimal for high-tech planted tanks with CO2 injection.

M, Micros Fertilizer is a key part of the NPKM fertilizer set for maximum control over fertilization and should be used together with N, Nitrate and K, Potassium, and P, Phosphate.  The NPKM fertilizer set can be used for easy E.I. (estimative index) style dosing.

- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons twice weekly.
- Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons every other day for densely planted tanks with CO2 injection
- If algae growth occurs reduce dosage

Typically, higher order plants can store Micronutrients for longer than lower order algae can. For this reason limiting the frequency of Micronutrient dosing can prevent algae growth. 

This fertilizer is shrimp safe when used as directed. 
Includes 2cc output pump for easy dosing.
Shake well before use.
Made in USA