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Dechlor+K Potassium Fertilizer, 16oz

$ 14.90

Dechlor+K is a sodium thiosulfate and potassium solution for planted aquariums. Use to de-chlorinate tap water and provide additional potassium fertilizer for live plants.

Ample, and even excess (K) potassium levels can reduce potential for algae growth by allowing plants to more quickly absorb other nutrients like (NO3) nitrate and (PO4) phosphate. (K) potassium is quickly absorbed by plants, unlikely to be overdosed, and should never be the limiting factor for plant growth.

Sodium Thiosulfate makes tap water safe by neutralizing chlorine and heavy metals and is unlikely to be overdosed.

Dechlor+K is designed to be used together with an all in one fertilizer. 

K - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +2.55ppm
Optimal Tank Water Target = (10-30ppm)

- Dose 3 pumps per 10 gallons twice weekly.
- Dose 3 pumps per 10 gallons every other day for densely planted tanks with CO2 injection
- If algae growth occurs maintain or increase dosage

Water changes:
- Dose 4 pumps per 10 gallons of new water before water changes.
- Dosing 4 pumps per 10 gallons of new water will maintain a 10-30ppm target range of dissolved potassium

Full Analysis breakdown: [(K–7.62%) (S–3.13%) (Na2S2O3-0.53%)]
K, Potassium - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +2.55ppm
S, Sulfer - ∆ppm/1pump/10gal = +1.05ppm

This fertilizer is shrimp safe. 
Includes 2cc output pump for easy dosing.

Made in USA