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Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer K2SO4, 16oz

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Potassium Sulfate is a key Macronutrient vital for plant growth. Potassium Sulfate should be used in conjunction with macronutrients N and P as well as with Micronutrient fertilizer.

Analysis: (K2SO4 -9.5%) 
- Δppm/1pump/10gal = +5ppm 
- 1 pump, 2cc, contains 190mg dissolved K2SO4 
- 1 pump per 10 gal raises concentration by 5ppm

- Dose 2 pumps per 10 gallons twice weekly. 
- Dose 2 pumps per 10 gallons every other day for densely planted high-tech tanks with CO2 injection

Water changes: 
- Dose 4 pumps per 10 gallons of new water before water changes.

Analysis breakdown: (K – 6.79%)(SO4 – 2.71%) 
-K, Potassium - Δppm/1pump/10gal = +3.6ppm 
-SO4, Sulfate   - Δppm/1pump/10gal = +1.4ppm

Keeping >20-40ppm dissolved K2SO4 is optimal for high-tech planted tanks with CO2 injection. 

It’s unlikely to over-dose K2SO4 in a planted aquarium and it should never be the limiting factor for plant growth. Dosing additional K2SO4 will not cause algae growth. 

If algae occur do not reduce dosage, continue to supply K so that higher order plants can absorb other excess nutrients that would otherwise be absorbed by algae.