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Rooting Formula, 4oz

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Analysis: (Indole-3-Butyric Acid - 0.45%), (1-Naphthale-
neacetic Acid - 0.09%) (Inactive ingredients - 99.46%)

Recommendations: The time that hormone solution is in contact with plant tissue is key; ideally 2-3 minutes. After rinsing with water, hormones are diluted and become mostly inert and degrade within 24 hours. Keeping plant tissue in contact with undiluted hormone solution for too long can inhibit root growth. Diluted Hr is livestock safe.

Stem Plant Instructions: (for tanks filled with water) Spray base of plant stem or cutting with Hr. Place sprayed plant aside and wait 2-3 minutes. Plant stem into substrate with tweezers. Tank water will effectively dilute the hormone solution. Avoid using >15 sprays per gallon per day.

Dry Start Method Instructions: Spray substrate thoroughly with Hr-Rooting Formula before arranging plants until evenly damp. Place carpeting plants on, or into, substrate. After plants are arranged, spray Hr over the surface of carpeting plants, 3-5 times until evenly damp. After 2-3 minutes, spray with distilled or purified water thoroughly. After 5-10 minutes, spray again with water so that residual hormone solution is fully washed into the substrate.